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Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotels

Travel Hotels provide the most convenient place to stay during your touring trips. These hotels are usually situated near areas of transit or in places where due to your activities you will be forced to leave the hotel for a few days. An example would be a hotel in the mountains near a river where water sports are popular like kayaking or canoe. The groups going on such trips normally go directly to the river and use a tent to provide overnight accommodation, but when arriving to the place a hotel can be used to sleep for a day on the way there and back.

Conference Facilities

If you're travelling for business rather than pleasure, we work with many hotels by the sea in Brighton, Hove and Southend-on-Sea that have facilities for you to use for business purposes.

These hotels have offices and meeting rooms which can be hired for your stay, the price of hiring an office or conference room does include office cleaning after use of the room.